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New Galala City

New Galala City

New Galala City is one of the largest development projects in Egypt, as it is one of the most attractive areas for domestic and foreign tourism, due to the high level of the city from the sea, giving it the advantage of climatic temperature is 10 degrees compared to neighboring areas, as well as enjoying the beaches charming, Indeed, the city has attracted investments worth more than US $ 100 million over the past two years. The projects aim to create a new urban development community that includes all residential, commercial, educational and tourist services for the region, which enjoys a unique nature of tourism.

The resort is located on the shore of the Gulf of Suez in the area of ​​”Ras Abu Daraj” on an area of ​​1000 acres. The resort includes two hotels, one of which is mountainous and coastal, along with a sophisticated mall and will be connected by a 17 km road and a cable cart designed and supervised by a French company of 6 km. It will be implemented by an Egyptian company, as well as a water games city and a yacht marina. The University of Jalala has a huge scientific campus of 13 majors in the fields of Engineering, Management and Public Policy, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries, Science, Food and Food Industries, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Media, Human Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences, with an Academy of Sciences in the High Plateau, located on an area of ​​12 acres. It includes disciplines (law and international arbitration, study of international trade and its mechanisms, disaster and crisis management, nanotechnology, biotechnology and renewable energy). Atomic, petrochemical and marine sciences.

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